It’s the Little Things: Plan a Backyard Picnic

Don’t let the end of summer pass you by without a backyard picnic with the family before the kids are back to school. It’s all about the little things. Who says it has to be perfect? Ideas for picnic food, snacks, and family fun!

There have been days, months, even years, when sadly, I've let life pass me by. I'm not sure exactly what's changed... I've grown up a LOT over the last few years; most people say they grow up in their 20's, but I feel like my 30's have been a huge transition with everything we've gone through. But even over the last few months, I've started {Read More...}

Through the Windows of the Old Dairy Barn

As I stared through the windows of the old dairy barn that day, a memory came alive. Each moment with loved ones is a treasure, a memory forever embedded in my heart.

I haven't really been sure how to organize my thoughts and put this post into actual writing. I know the feelings and emotions I've experienced... but how to explain them in a way that hopefully resonates with you, my reader. It all began with a visit to the farm that once belonged to my grandmother. One look at the old dairy barn, and so {Read More...}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party {Issue 146}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party styling shelves, chocolate no-churn ice cream, Quebec City, and Crochet Cowl Features {Adventures of Mel}

Wednesday is here again, which means it's time for another fantabulous linky party. This week's features include refreshing frozen treats, crafty projects, a back to school printable keepsake, and a travel adventure I wouldn't mind embarking upon myself. Check out our features, and be sure to link up your posts below. Happy Wednesday! 1. Learn {Read More...}

Lemon Poke Cake (without the Pudding)

Grab the recipe for a lemon poke cake without any pudding mix. Cake mix recipe inspired by Grandma’s lemon cake. So scrumptious!

It's funny, creating this recipe kinda happened by accident. I was actually making my grandma's Lemon Cake, and I thought I had all the right ingredients. I'd even remembered to pick up the cake mix, which is usually the one thing I forget. Not so. This time I forgot to get a lemon pudding mix. Not to be deterred, I decided to make it anyway, only {Read More...}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party {Issue 145}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party Guest Room Makeover, Garbanzo Beans Snack, Montreal Market, and DIY Dry Erase Pockets Features {Adventures of Mel}

Welcome to another edition of the Inspire Me Wednesday linky party, Fellow Adventurers! Whether it be craft ideas you're scouting out, a fun DIY project, a delicious recipe, or a fun place to visit, you've come to the right place. Check out this week's features, and link up your posts below! 1. You're going to absolutely love this colorful Guest {Read More...}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party {Issue 144}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party Repurposed Electric Insulator Vase, Cupcake Liner Wreath, Bed Sheet Shower Curtain, and Monte Carlo Monaco features {Adventures of Mel}

This week's linky party is full of crafty goodness, travel inspiration, a handy kitchen tip, and a sweet dessert. Be sure to check out our features, and link up your posts below. Happy Wednesday! 1. The Painted Hinge has a great idea for a centerpiece... a Glass Electrical Insulator Vase Stand. Isn't it pretty?! 2. Create a beautiful DIY {Read More...}

Ins and Outs of Dispersed Camping and Why We Love It

What dispersed camping really is, where to camp, rules for dispersed camping, tips and camping supplies we recommend for family camping in the wild, and why we love it more than any other type of camping, so much so that we can’t imagine any other type of camping.

When you say the word camping, it evokes an authentic mental image for each individual person. The term camping may not always mean the same thing to any one person. Some people think of an RV, others a tent, others a backpack and a sleeping bag under the stars. For us, camping has meant something pretty special for a long time, and though we used {Read More...}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party {Issue 143}

Inspire Me Wednesday Linky Party Homemade Watercolor Paints, Peach and Blueberry Pizza Recipe, Mead Gardens, and DIY IKEA Table features {Adventures of Mel}

As we enter the month of August, it's easy to get caught up in all the hectic run here, run there as back to school prep hits a fast pace. BUT don't forget to take a few minutes to breathe. And while you're at it, be inspired to try something new. This week's features are exciting, y'all; I'm not gonna lie. From the beautiful Alps to crafty kid {Read More...}