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Based in the Missouri Ozarks, Adventures of Mel is a comfortable, down home food blog where my food loving self shares delicious recipes. I’ve enjoyed blogging and have been actively engaged with the blogging community for over 10 years. I also enjoy vlogging. You can catch me on Youtube, either cooking or sharing what's up on the farm.

Dan and I live in the Missouri Ozarks with our 3 boys, a cat named Molly, and a whole flock of chickens (including a rooster named Jim Bob).

My community of readers include mostly women (91%) within the ages of 25-54. Most of them live in the United States, but there are also a good amount of readers who live in Canada, the UK, and Australia. 64% of my readers are especially interested in food, drink, cooking, recipes, desserts, kitchen, and family focus.

Request my media kit by emailing me*@ad*************.com.

Get to know more about me, as well as read my Privacy Policy and Disclosure. You can also find me on Linked in.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Mel I know what to expect, in a good way; she's incredibly reliable and consistent in her work. I expect to be surprised at her creative take on any topic. The photos are wonderful and her writing is always thoughtful. Mel balances brand objectives and engaging content each and every time. She makes my job easy. Her work is often called out as best of the campaign.” – Jillian Warner, Socialstars

“I've worked with Mel for years, and she is consistently a favorite with my team at The Motherhood and the brands we work with. She is a true professional, and her responsiveness, reliability and consistently beautiful results all make her a pleasure to work with. I've partnered with Mel on several long-term campaigns, including one for a hunger-fighting initiative (sponsored by a national packaged foods company) in which our client reported that the 30-blogger team was the third-largest driver of traffic to the donations page, resulting in more than 3 million total meal donations.” – Erin Olson, The Motherhood

“Mel truly values the work she creates for her blog. She remains true to who she is while being able to entertain her followers with each and every post. She was able to put a twist on the RadioShack #GiftSmart campaign and really knock it out of the park with her creativity of crafts using the music products she received. Mel's Pinterest posts had the most engagement in the entire campaign which had a huge impact on our social media goal. Also, the exceptional photography played a huge role in allowing Mel's readers to come up with creative ideas of their own.” – Shelby Free, Acorn

“Mel is a fantastic writer/blogger/social influencer that I truly enjoy working with. When I hire Mel, I know that not only will the project specs get fulfilled, but that she’ll take the time to understand the audience and craft something that is truly engaging. Her photography is beyond wonderful, she is friendly, on-time and does not require any hand-holding. She gets the job done and it shows up to me tied up with a pretty bow.” – Stephanie Buckley, The Women Bloggers

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