Simple and Natural Mice Repellent

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Have a mouse in the house? Or perhaps a family of mice has taken up residence, coming and going as they please?

Been there, done that.

Years ago, we lived in an old farmhouse that had so many nooks and crannies the mice could come in; if I remember right, we even had a pack rat that lived in the attic at one time.

Dan and I got so tired of constantly having to clean out our kitchen cabinets after finding evidence of the nasty little buggers, that we began researching natural solutions.

We'd tried it all, traps and sticky traps… Dan was even threading sewing thread into peanut butter on the traps at one point.

The mice wised up to his tricks, though. We were desperate to get rid of the problem. That's when we stumbled upon a super simple mice repellent.

Now I need to caution you here. It's important to use pure Peppermint Oil, NOT extract; we originally found a bottle at our local health food store, though now we use Young Living… As long as it's pure peppermint oil and not extract.

But there's something about the scent of the oil that helps to keep them at bay. I've read that it masks their pheromone trails, so other mice are not attracted. I've also read that peppermint oil irritates a mouse's nasal passages.

Either way, we've used this method for a long while now, and we keep supplies handy in our working prepper pantry. It not only helps as a mouse repellent, but it also makes your home smell like a candy cane. If you like the scent of Christmas, you'll love it.

Natural Forms of Mice Repellent

There are a few natural ways to help repel mice…

1. Use steel wool. Stuff any small crevices or holes with steel wool. From what we could tell, mice can squeeze through the tiniest of holes or cracks. Once they've found a place to get in, they're relentless.

2. Place cotton balls with a couple drops of Peppermint Oil around your home, wherever you feel the mice may be coming in, or where they like to hang out.

3. Spray a Peppermint Oil/water mixture around the entrances to your home, or again, wherever you feel the mice may be coming in. Of course, you may want to test it on a small area first, especially if spraying on trim or walls. You also don't want the mixture to be too diluted, or the scent will not help to deter. I was so paranoid that I would end up spraying base boards, door jambs, thresholds, and any areas I was suspicious of, especially the threshold of the door leading into the garage.

Mouse in the house? Been there, done that! Ways to keep mice out, including the use of Peppermint Oil as a natural repellent. How to keep mice away.

4. Of course, you could always get a cat too. Harold's been pretty good at keeping the mice away, though he is getting quite lazy in his old age. Shhh, don't let him know I said that. In all seriousness, a cat can be the best form of mice repellent.


(Disclaimer: Everything I share about essential oils on Adventures of Mel is based on personal experience and has not been approved by the FDA. Please do your own research, and never use essential oils in a way that would make you uncomfortable. Also, take special caution for those pregnant or nursing, as well as children. Full Disclaimer…)


9 thoughts on “Simple and Natural Mice Repellent”

  1. From what I’ve read, peppermint EO disorients mice, and interferes with their senses and brain function. You do have to reapply the peppermint every 2 or 3 days.

  2. Hmmm- cat as deterrant! Yes as long as they kill them, but – as my sister says – I have mice, why? Because I have a cat!!! I have caught so many mice over the years that the cats have brought in and let escape. Have to say the crunching under the bed is not nice!!!

  3. Having rodents in your home is not something you want. I remember when we had a small problem, and it was a pain to get rid of. You have some good ideas here, I never tried peppermint oil before, thanks for the information!


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