12 Cool Camping Gifts under $20

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Find inexpensive cool camping gifts for outdoorsy people who love to camp, including clever camping gadgets and tools they'll actually use. Gifts for the entire family, including your pets.

These are camping gift ideas for anyone who loves camping and the outdoors. It's chock full of camping gifts under 20 bucks.

It's also filled with outdoor gifts you'll actually use, whether you're cooking over a campfire, need a light to light your path, or gotta clean your boots before you step inside.

Some are more unique camping gifts, while others are more common sense. You can use these ideas for camping Christmas gifts, birthday presents, special occasion gifts, and maybe even stocking stuffers.

So, let's get to the list of ideas, shall we?

Cool Camping Gifts under $20

#1 – Pocket Stove

pocket stove camping gift for quick cooking on the go

This handy little pocket stove is great for both backpacking and dispersed camping, as well as emergency kits for both your home and car.

This would be handy on every camping trip we've taken where it starts to rain just as we're going to make dinner. It's a no-fail setup and easy to use in situations where you need to cook quick or just heat something up.

Made of durable galvanized steel, it folds into a compact size that's perfect for on the go. It also comes with fuel tablets that burn about 12 minutes each.

#2 – Dog Shields

Dog Shields camping and outdoor gifts for your pet

We have Chuck to take on all our adventures with us, and we know a lot of our readers have pets they love and adore, as well.

Dog Shields are tubular bandanas that give your furry friend protection from the heat. They also have reflective strips so your dog will be easy to see when you're out exploring.

They come in so many different styles and colors. Choose the one you that best suits your pet! Personally, I love the lumberjack style.

#3 – Wingman Flashlight

Wingman Flashlight, pocket sized flashlight perfect for camping

I can't tell you how many times we've gone camping, while missing headlamps and flashlights. Thankfully, we usually have more than one.

The Wingman Flashlight is easy to keep in your pocket, as it weighs only 0.3 ounces; it's also 3 inches long.

It operates in high, medium, and low, so it's perfect in whatever situation you find yourself in. Also, did I mention it's waterproof?

#4 – Backpacker's Pantry Hot Apple Cobbler

Backpacker's Pantry Hot Apple Cobbler Mix

One of the things our boys love most about camping is the food. We usually eat food we never eat any other time, things like campfire peach cobbler and Dutch oven blueberry cobbler, washed down with a cup of hot campfire coffee.

Dessert is a must! And it's great to add to your list of stocking stuffer ideas.

This delicious hot apple cobbler feeds two. All you need to make it is water.

#5 – Telescopic Stainless Steel Pocket Sized Fire Bellows

pocket sized fire bellows for helping start a fire while camping

The last time we went camping at Petit Jean State Park, we had the hardest time keeping our fire going. We used a big piece of cardboard to fan the fire and keep it going.

This little pocket bellows, coupled with our easy homemade fire starters, would've been so handy to have.

Made of stainless steel, this collapsible fire bellowing tool can be extended to 48cm, allowing you to get oxygen directly into the fire. Pretty cool, huh?

#6 – Hammock Tree Straps

hammock tree straps outdoor gift idea

We take our hammock on every single camping trip. We may not always be able to put it up, and sometimes we forget, but man it's nice to have when we're sitting somewhere more than a day.

Hammock tree straps protect the tree and still allow you to hang your hammock. You know, leave no trace.

They have a weight capacity of 700 pounds, and they also have 16 adjustable loops. More importantly, they don't stretch.

#7 – MSR Piezo Igniter

The MSR Piezo Igniter for canister stoves makes a great camping stocking stuffer.

If you use a canister stove, this igniter will definitely come in handy. With the push of a button, you can easily light your stove.

#8 – Paracord Bracelet Survival Tool

dark green paracord survival bracelet with compass

Safety comes first when you're out and about in the great outdoors. Especially if you're hiking with kids or exploring with your family, safety skills are really important.

This survival bracelet comes in medium and large sizes. It's lightweight and comfortable, and it's equipped with a compass, fire starter, emergency knife, and whistle.

#9 – Boot Scrubber with Scraper

boot scrubber with scraper, perfect camping gift for tent camping or RV camping

There's usually no doubt it's going to rain when we decide to go camping or hiking. And rain means mud, lots and lots of mud.

This boot scrubber with scraper is perfect for cleaning off those muddy boots before you go inside, whether you're tent camping or RV camping. It has strong bristle brushes that clean both mud and snow off your shoes.

#10 – Salt and Pepper Shaker

compact lightweight salt and pepper shaker for camping, inexpensive camping gift idea

A salt and pepper shaker is the one thing you can't forget to add to your campfire cooking equipment. Of course, it's probably the one thing you'll forget.

Enter the GSI U.L. Salt and Pepper Shaker, an ultralight, ultra-compact, waterproof shaker.

#11 – 3 Pack LED Camping Lanterns

portable LED camping lanterns

No matter where you camp, whether campground or dispersed, you want to make sure you have enough light. Headlamps are the way to go, but it's also good to have a lantern or two.

This portable lighting set is a great choice for couples and families. They're battery powered and extendable, meaning they're easy to carry and take with you.

#12 – Stormproof Match Kit

stormproof match kit, perfect for camping gifts, outdoor gifts, or stocking stuffers

Building a campfire can mean the difference between eating and not eating, or the difference between staying warm and freezing.

Everyone should have a set of stormproof matches if they're headed into the wild. This kit has a waterproof ribbed container (easy to hold if your hands are cold), and the matches themselves are waterproof and windproof.

The matches stay lit for 15 seconds, giving you enough time to start your fire or light up your stove.

Bonus Item – Camp Stove Toaster

toast on camping toaster, toasting on campstove

I couldn't resist adding this one last item in because I love our little camping toaster. It toasts 4 pieces of bread at a time for breakfast.

Of course, I could go on and on with this list. Things like cast iron, water bottles, hoodies, a pie iron, first aid kit, quick drying cloths or towels… See, I could go on and on for days, because there are just so many great ideas.

Looking for More Camping Gear?

What other great camping gifts and outdoorsy gear would you add to these cool camping gift ideas? Leave me a comment with your ideas!

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