Ultimate Camping Supplies List for Packing

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Prepare for your next trip with a complete camping supplies list, from the shelter you need to kitchen essentials and hygiene items. It's printable too!

As we pack up for another camping trip, I'm reminded of how often I've thought of creating a camping checklist for packing. Too many times to count, that's for sure, yet here I am again.

When it comes to packing, some people like to take everything but the kitchen sink. Others like to keep it simple and pack only the basics.

How You Should Use This Camping Supplies List

This is meant to be a comprehensive list of tent camping essentials, but it's also perfect for car camping, RV camping, and even backpacking (though you'd carry much less, as well as lighter equipment). Keep in mind, though, that some of the items on this tent camping checklist are geared more toward dispersed camping.

As you look down through the list, use it to your specific advantage. What I mean by this is, pack the things that make the most sense for you and your family; then forget the rest.

While we don't carry everything that's on this packing list for camping, it definitely gives us goals for our future camping endeavors. And if you're camping on a really tight budget (we've been there), there are a lot of things you can go without, or find ways to improvise.

rooftop tent camping in Colorado with camping gear for dispersed camping

Below are a few different categories of gear and supplies you may want to think about packing. My hope is that this list makes it easy for you to check off items or even print if you want.

Who's ready to go camping? I know we are!

Shelter and Essential Gear

Cooking and Kitchen Basics

Be sure to check out our list of campfire cooking equipment for all your kitchen basics. It contains pretty much everything we take on a typical camping trip. Here are a few things from that list.

Hygiene and Personal Items

Fun Camping Essentials Your Kids Will Love

Miscellaneous Camping Supplies and Equipment

This camping checklist will have you on your way to being well prepared for your next camping trip. You may find more helpful ideas in our list of 12+ awesomely useful cool camping gifts under $20.

And remember… Packing is the hardest part. When it's all done and you're ready to hit the road, you're ready to create some pretty amazing memories with your family.

boy in white Toyota 4Runner packed up and ready to go camping with all the camping essentials

All Set for a Fun Camping Adventure

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