Pick Your Own Strawberries at McGarrah Farms in Northwest Arkansas

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If you live in Northwest Arkansas or nearby, and you're looking for a place to pick strawberries, McGarrah Farms has berries ripe for the pickin'.

The strawberry crop is a bit late this year, so they're just now ripening.Red-Ripe-Strawberry-from-McGarrah-Farms-Strawberry-Patch

Located outside of Pea Ridge, AR, the strawberry patch is easy to get to with signs pointing the way. McGarrah-Farms-Fresh-Strawberries-SignAfter leaving Pea Ridge, we turned onto a gravel road and followed the road through the countryside for about a mile before coming to the farm. At the Pea Ridge location, you'll find a pick-your-own patch, as well as pre-picked berries. The first patch you'll come to is where you'll want to stop if picking your own, and the friendly attendant will send you off with crates and flags, so you can mark where you stop picking.Finding-strawberries-to-pick

We had a great time. The boys helped us fill 23 quarts of red, ripe, juicy berries. Picking-strawberries-at-McGarrah-FarmsWe were excited to hear that they don't use pesticides, a huge plus! There were quite a few ripe berries, but there were also a lot of green ones, so I can imagine there must be a lot of red berries just waiting to be picked by today.Strawberries-from-McGarrah-Farms Strawberry pickin' lends to great photo opps, but not just that…. it's quality time spent together as a family. Family-fun-at-the-strawberry-patchI definitely recommend it if you're wanting something fun to do together. Picking-strawberries-with-the-kidsPlus, you get to reap the rewards afterwards.

So, what does one do with 23 quarts of strawberries? Hmmm, so far, we've made jam, eaten quite a few, put a few quarts in the freezer, and next is a strawberry pie (stay tuned for the recipe).Counting-up-our-strawberries

McGarrah Farms has a patch in Lowell, as well as the Pea Ridge patch we visited. The Pea Ridge patch is open Monday through Saturday, 7 am-2 pm and Sundays from noon to 5 pm. The patch is smaller, so I'd almost suggest getting there early in the morning; their hours depend on crop availability. Strawberries are $3/quart if you pick your own and $4/quart for pre-picked.Strawberry-Picking-with-the-kids

Looking for strawberry recipes to make with fresh berries?

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  1. How much fun! Man, that strawberry looks like I could just take it off the page and eat it. I can’t wait to take my kids strawberry picking. What a fun-filled family event!

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie! I have really good memories of picking berries when I was a kid too. My mom would go to the patch almost every year.


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