What to do with Leftover Pie Crust – Cinnamon Crust Bunches

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When I was growing up and still to this day, my parents wasted nothing; they learned how to be quite sustainable growing up with my grandparents who'd lived through the Great Depression. Mom would use every single little leftover scrap of food, and honestly, it inspires and motivates me to this day. When she'd make pies, she'd use the leftover pie crust that was trimmed off the edge to make the most delectable cinnamon treat. I like to call it a Cinnamon Crust Bunch. While this isn't your typical printable recipe, it's still something I wanted to share.

Anyone can make this. Instead of throwing away that scrap of pie crust dough, make a treat for your kids. I'm not sure exactly how Mom made it, but this is my most educated guess, based on what I can remember. All you need is the dough, a little melted butter, and cinnamon/sugar mixture.

– Take the dough and roll it out just a bit.
– Brush with butter, and sprinkle the cinnamon/sugar mixture on.
– Then roll or fold up your crust and bake alongside your pie, in a separate pan, of course, for about 20-25 minutes.

Serve while warm and enjoy this simple treat!

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9 thoughts on “What to do with Leftover Pie Crust – Cinnamon Crust Bunches”

  1. Yep, mom use to pat butter all over the crust and sprinkle cinnamony sugar all over then just fold it over pinch it off n bake it but I wonder how brown sugar would work? Making pies later, maybe I’ll try that.

  2. My mom use to make the same thing but she
    Call it Poormans pie . And it was just for us kids. And was quite a treat and a very fond memory


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