Holiday Craft ~ How to Recycle Old Christmas Cards into Festive Placemats

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There are so many ways to recycle old Christmas cards into something special. This is a super easy holiday craft that can liven up any table and spark holiday memories from Christmases past. By using a few cards, you can create special holiday placemats for your dining room table.

Supplies Needed:

Christmas/Holiday Cards
Cutting Tools
Cutting Mat
Clear Con-Tact Covering
Poster Board

First things first, gather your cards together. This might be the more time consuming portion of the project, especially if you're like me and get sucked into reading old cards and letters. I found some letters I'd forgotten I even had from my grandma, from my dad, and more. I need a day just to sift through old letters and read. Anyway, after gathering your cards, cut each card in half. This will give a less bulky feel and appearance to the placemats when done. Now measure the size you want for your placemats onto poster board, and cut the poster board. I used an already existing placemat I had to measure and cut just the size I needed. Cut a larger than size piece of Clear Con-Tact Covering (found at most mass retail/craft stores), and place poster board on sticky side of covering. Arrange your cards how you want them to be for your finished look. This takes a bit more time too, just making sure you have things lined up and fitting well. You could use decorative scrapbook paper to provide a backdrop…. you could even crop the cards into different shapes and sizes. Finally, after cards are arranged just so, add another layer of Clear Con-Tact Covering on top, and smooth well, making sure there are no air bubbles. Trim around the edges of your placemat, and round the corners. That's all there is to it; you now have a finished placemat! I'm still working on mine; I have two done, but they're so festive, so pretty; and they can easily be wiped off after meals, which is perfect with kids.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas! What are some creative ideas you have for using old Christmas/holiday cards?

10 thoughts on “Holiday Craft ~ How to Recycle Old Christmas Cards into Festive Placemats”

  1. I’m looking forward to making some. I have a hard time getting rid of the cards I’ve received, either because they’re from someone really special or because it’s a beautiful card (or both)! I’m thinking I’ll make them and add parts of the signature to reminisce especially from those that have passed. Thank you for the wonderful idea!!

  2. I never really thought of that, but cutting the half of the cards and make it into something new is actually one great recycling idea. Some cards are just filled with well made quotes, and some you can’t even find in the store anymore, so this would be a great idea.


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