65 Movies from the 90’s for a Family Movie Night

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A while ago, I came up with a list of 55 Movies from the 80's. That was so much fun that I decided to do another, focusing on different movie eras, genres, and type of movie night (whether family, date night, chick flick, whatever). This time I'm focusing on movies from the 90's that'll work for your family movie night.

If you want more info, you can find all of these movies on IMDb.

It kills me to think that the 90's are that long ago now…. geez, time flies! There were some pretty awesome movies made in the 90's. Use this list, arranged in alphabetical order by title, to create amazing family movie nights with your own family. Most of all, enjoy! (And stay tuned, as I'll have another movies from the 90's list coming soon, geared more toward date night.)

Family Movies from the 90's

  1. A Walton Easter, TV Movie, 1997
  2. A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, TV Movie, 1993
  3. A Walton Wedding, TV Movie, 1995
  4. Alaska, rated PG, 1996
  5. Angels in the Outfield, rated PG, 1994
  6. Beauty and the Beast, rated G, 1991
  7. Beethoven, rated PG, 1992
  8. Camp Nowhere, rated PG, 1994
  9. Casper, rated PG, 1995
  10. Christy, TV Movie (also a series), 1994
  11. Cool Runnings, rated PG, 1993
  12. Cop and a Half, rated PG, 1993
  13. Curly Sue, rated PG, 1991
  14. Dr. Dolittle, rated PG-13, 1998
  15. Ever After: A Cinderella Story, rated PG-13, 1998
  16. Father of the Bride, rated PG, 1991
  17. Father of the Bride Part II, rated PG, 1995
  18. Fly Away Home, rated PG, 1996
  19. Ghost Dad, rated PG, 1990
  20. Happy Christmas, Miss King, rated PG, 1998
  21. Home Alone, rated PG, 1990
  22. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, rated PG, 1992
  23. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, rated G, 1993
  24. Hook, rated PG, 1991
  25. Iron Will, rated PG, 1994
  26. It Takes Two, rated PG, 1995
  27. Jack, rated PG-13, 1996
  28. Jetsons: The Movie, rated G, 1990
  29. Jumanji, rated PG, 1995
  30. Jungle 2 Jungle, rated PG, 1997
  31. Jurassic Park, rated PG-13, 1993
  32. Kindergarten Cop, rated PG-13, 1990
  33. Little Giants, rated PG, 1994
  34. Look Who's Talking Too, rated PG-13, 1990
  35. Major Payne, rated PG-13, 1995
  36. Mighty Joe Young, rated PG, 1998
  37. Mrs. Doubtfire, rated PG-13, 1993
  38. Mulan, rated G, 1998
  39. Muppet Treasure Island, rated G, 1996
  40. Muppets from Space, rated G, 1999
  41. My Girl, rated PG-13, 1991
  42. My Girl 2, rated PG, 1994
  43. October Sky, rated PG, 1999
  44. Operation Dumbo Drop, rated PG, 1995
  45. Rigoletto, unsure of rating, 1993
  46. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, rated PG, 1999
  47. Swing Kids, rated PG-13, 1993
  48. That Darn Cat, rated PG, 1997
  49. The Air Up There, rated PG, 1994
  50. The Indian in the Cupboard, rated PG, 1995
  51. The Little Rascals, rated PG, 1994
  52. The Mighty Ducks, rated PG, 1992
  53. The Muppet Christmas Carol, rated G, 1992
  54. The Rocketeer, rated PG, 1991
  55. The Rugrats Movie, rated G, 1998
  56. The Sandlot, rated PG, 1993
  57. The Santa Clause, rated PG, 1994 (can you believe it's been 20 years?!)
  58. The Secret Garden, rated G, 1993
  59. The Three Musketeers, rated PG, 1993
  60. Toy Story, rated G, 1995
  61. Toy Story 2, rated G, 1999
  62. What About Bob?, rated PG, 1991
  63. White Fang, rated PG, 1991
  64. Wild America, rated PG, 1997
  65. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, rated G, 1991

Did I miss one of your favorites? What was your favorite family-friendly movie from the 90's?

2 thoughts on “65 Movies from the 90’s for a Family Movie Night”

  1. I would add Aladdin. I just drafted a post about showing my kids that movie a couple of weeks ago. :) They enjoyed it. And I loved watching them watching it.

    • Rhonda, that’s a great one to add! I know, I think watching our kids watch the movies is more fun than actually re-watching the movies. lol We’ve had so much fun sharing some of our faves with our boys.


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