Spring Flower Pot Crayola Craft for Kids #ColorfulCreations

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Disclosure for #ColorfulCreations #shopI think somewhere, somehow, spring is kinda laughing at us right now. It's within our grasp…. but just not quite here yet. For that reason, the kids and I had some crafting fun with Crayola Crayons, Washable Paint, and Sidewalk Chalk last week. Spring was on my mind, so I gave the kids a theme and let them go to town on their own spring flower pots, while I created my own. Crafting with your kids can be fun, and it can also be quite relaxing. Spring flower pot Crayola Craft for Kids #ColorfulCreations #shopI think when it comes to the relaxing part, it comes down to a choice the parent has to make. In my case, I have to choose to let go and let them be the creator of their project, living out their own creativity. Keep reading, and I'll show you how we made these adorable spring flower pots.

Before working on our project, I picked up a few supplies at Walmart, including Crayola products.Crayola aisle at Walmart #ColorfulCreations #shop

Supplies You'll Need for Spring Flower Pots

Crayola Paint and Sidewalk Chalk #ColorfulCreations #shop

How to Make Spring Flower Pots

Ok, I'm going to be downright honest here. This is washable paint you're using, so please don't be like me and have one of those days where your brain leaves your body and goes to some other place, not sure where. Either line your pot with some sort of liner, or seal your pot with an acrylic sealer of some sort, so the paint will stay on your flower pot. Otherwise, if using a clay pot, the water you use to water your plant will just wash the paint right off. True story; don't ask me what I was thinking. Yes, our designs are still on our pots…. but we'll definitely be adding some sort of liner or sealing the pot before watering again.  Ok, onward to the craft!

Your first step is to get all set up. One of the first things I did was open this big beautiful box of crayons. I'm asking you, how can you open a box of 96 crayons and not be inspired? Truly! Such a beautiful sight to see.Crayola Crayons #ColorfulCreations #shop Cover your crafting area with craft boards or newspaper. Then get to work painting the pots with a base coat. Paint flower pots #ColorfulCreations #shopYou'll need to let the base coat dry, but one thing I love about Crayola Washable Paint is that it dries very quickly (and it washes right off little fingers and hands).

After the base coat has dried, it's time to add the details. Again, I gave my kids the theme of “spring” and then let them go to town on the designs they wanted to make. Jaden drew all sorts of things with his paint, even taking time to fill up an extra paint palette while Mommy wasn't looking. Crayola paint palette #ColorfulCreations #shopThey enjoyed mixing colors to come up with new and unique colors. We used the eraser tip of a pencil for bugs and caterpillar bodies. Use pencil eraser to make bugs #ColorfulCreations #shopWe created designs like clouds, flowers, bugs, butterflies, caterpillars, grass, a chevron-like wave, and more. Jaden has been excited to start writing his name, so he even added that to the plate that goes under his pot. We just had fun, each in our own little worlds, yet together.Flower Pot Designs using Crayola products #ColorfulCreations #shop

Next we used the crayons to color over oval labels I had on hand. Then we painted over that with a clear chalkboard coating. This coating allows you to make any surface into a chalkboard. So cool! Then we used the Sidewalk Chalk to write whatever we wanted on our labels. The labels were stuck fast to the pots. Of course, you could also just paint right on the pot with the chalkboard coating, without a label, and then add your writing with the chalk, totally up to you.Use sidewalk chalk on chalkboard label added to flower pot #ColorfulCreations #shop

Finally, we planted. Jacob picked out an ivy, I chose a flower, and we picked up a Mint plant for Jaden. He loved growing a Peppermint plant last year, so this was right up his alley.Our finished Crayola flower pot creations #ColorfulCreations #shop

And that's really all there is to it. I'll tell you, at the beginning of the day, I was so stressed out and overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done, work deadlines, school, housework, and such. I found myself relaxing more and more as we crafted together, until by the end of the day, I didn't even care anymore. Things will get done, deadlines will be met, but for me, crafting is my go to for relaxation…. kinda like surfing is for a surfer. It's definitely a form of intentional parenting for me. It was a great day.How to create spring flower pots #ColorfulCreations #shop

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I'm curious. When you open up a box of Crayola anything, how does it inspire you?


10 thoughts on “Spring Flower Pot Crayola Craft for Kids #ColorfulCreations”

  1. Crayola colors are magical! The vibrant flower pots are a great way to cheer us up inside while we anticipate spring. Using the different media on one project is a great way to keep the kids engaged too. Love your ideas! #client

  2. Hi! I love your flower pots. I am thinking of doing these for an appreciation gift. Does the Crayola paint stay on the pot as they are watered or do I need to cover the pots with some sort of seal? Thanks!

  3. What did you use to seal the paint? I just made a pot wiTh my baby’s footprints on it and definitely don’t want it washing away loL. I did a Google search and your post came up :-)

    • That was a mistake I made was not sealing. I would use some sort of acrylic sealer… maybe a Mod Podge sealant before you paint? That would be my suggestion. Let me know how it goes.:) That sounds so precious.

  4. Hey! My kids just painted flower pots yesterday for teacher end of the year gifts and I, like you, didn’t think about the paint washing off. Is there a dealer I can put on top of the paint?


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