So This is the Dreaded Mirena Crash (and Burn)

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Experiencing and coping with the Mirena crash, following removal of the Mirena IUD. Symptoms, feelings, and helpful tips for getting through it.

The Mirena IUD… All I can say is never again. Ever.

I used Mirena for a very long time. And yes, I'm experiencing the Mirena crash at this very moment and have been for the last week and a half, though I really didn't know exactly what I was experiencing until I started to do a little more research and reading. 

I can say that I wish I'd researched the IUD more before deciding to go down that path. I wish I'd been more concerned about my health when I was younger, more concerned with living a more natural lifestyle.

Now that we do care more, we're also getting a little older; I'm no spring chicken. And though my family may be shocked to read this (if they read this), we're also planning to try for another baby (more on this in a near future post, I promise).

We weren't going to tell anyone and just keep our secret all to ourselves, but Dan and I both decided maybe I should write about this and share my story.

Mirena removal side effects seem to be something that many women experience, but if they're like me, they may not fully be prepared for them or even know they're coming.

What Causes the Mirena Crash?

In short, the Mirena Crash is due to hormone imbalance following Mirena removal.

Now that I'm experiencing the crash, I'm seriously wondering if some of the problems I've experienced while having Mirena as a form of birth control have been due to that little foreign contraption hangin' out in my uterus. So many things make a lot of sense when I think about it.

For the longest time, I've woke up with night sweats, had severe abdominal pain and issues with what I thought was my colon (nothing found on colonoscopy and other tests), mood swings, hair loss (you wouldn't believe the amount of hair I've cleaned out of my brush time and again), weight gain that just seems stuck no matter how much exercise or eating right I do, etc., etc.

Mirena Crash Symptoms

Symptoms of Mirena crash can include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • General malaise and feeling of just not feeling good

Since having the Mirena IUD removed about a week and a half ago, I've crashed (and sorta burned). Well, not literally, but I've honestly felt like it.


Oh my word, the headaches. I can honestly say the only headache I've had that's been worse than these headaches was due to altitude sickness because they're killer.

No amount of ibuprofen or essential oils help. Nothing. It's like I've gone cold turkey, and I just have to wait for the pain to subside, and it eventually does, but it can last all day.

The pain is all over my head, even in my neck. I've even had pain shoot up from my shoulder/neck area to my head. Awful.

woman experiencing a headache, one of the Mirena crash symptoms


I'm sooooo tired! I could sleep 12-14 hours straight.

Well, I can't, but if I could… So tired.

Mood Swings

One minute I'm fine, the next I feel like I'm raging inside. Well, raging is what my boys call it when you get angry, so I'm going with that.

I'm irritable and grumpy.


I think this has been the worst of it all. I wake up at night, can't go back to sleep, and feel this elephant of anxiety in my chest, mind, and spirit.

I can't put my finger on exactly why I'm feeling that way. There's no reason to feel anxious.

I mean, I have the normal deadlines for work, the normal family stuff going on, the normal chores and stuff that need done, but nothing out of the ordinary. I can't put my finger on why I'm so pent up and worked up!

It's like doom, gloom, and anxiety all rolled up into one tightly wound little package. It's got me feeling like I'm going C-R-A-Z-Y!

And until I learned about the Mirena Crash, I thought I was going crazy.

General Malaise and Feeling of Just Not Feeling Good

I've almost felt like I'm coming down with something.

It's just a general feeling of not feeling good. It's yuck.

So, What Am I Doing about It? Mirena Crash Detox

(Disclaimer: If you're experiencing Mirena crash symptoms, please do your own research, and talk to your health care provider. This is simply my own experience.)

Citrus fruits on a cutting board with a knife

Honestly, I'm just waiting it out and taking a few steps to help myself go through a bit of a Mirena detox.

  • I'm using my essential oils for emotional and general well-being, and I'm so glad I have them.
  • Drinking a lot of water. My water bottle helps me stay well hydrated.
  • Eating more citrus and berries and trying to eat things that will hopefully help me detox just a bit and get through this. My favorite blueberry spinach smoothie and tropical fruit smoothie are just what I'm craving.
  • I'm on a food-based prenatal vitamin.
  • Also, I'm exercising every day, sweating it out; and let me tell you, exercise does wonders for the emotions and for building up a feeling of strength.
  • I'm using my calming bedtime foot rub to both help with feeling anxious, and it helps my restless legs and arms.

From what I've read, I think my body is just freaking out a bit, trying to get back on track, and figure out what is going on and what it needs to do.

Hopefully, this won't last much longer; most people say it lasts for a short period of time, about a week or two… A select few have gone longer or more long term.

I've also read that it gets better with menstruation. Can't say I've ever looked forward to that 'til now. Oh but I do.

I honestly feel like I'm on the tail end of the crash. Yesterday was better, today is ok, tomorrow can only go up from here.

Why Share All of This?

I can't tell you what to do in your personal life, nor do I want to; but I do want you to be aware.

Do your own research, study up on things before you say yes, know what you're putting into your body.

Get to know your own body. Don't ignore problems.

Ask your health care provider, and don't be afraid to go to your visit armed with a whole list of questions.

Your health really is in your hands.
Grab on to that responsibility for dear life, and don't let go.

Of course, I also write this to share my story and relate to others who've experienced it, as well.

With that said…

Have you experienced the dreaded Mirena Crash? What has been your experience?

IUD - Mirena Crash and Burn - Symptoms and Mirena Detox

212 thoughts on “So This is the Dreaded Mirena Crash (and Burn)”

  1. The mirena crash is so real. I’m currently dealing with it right now. In the emergency room as I am typing this. I feel like I am going insane. I had it removed at the end of June and a dew days after I had an anxiety attack. After that the anxiety progressed and Monday it started messing with me mentally. My emotions are everywhere on top of it I just found out that I have a urine infection. I’ve had several test done from multiple blood work to a brain scan to figure out what is wrong with me. I am trying so hard to get through this. I just want to feel how I felt before I removed the IUD. If I had known this was going to be a side effect I would have never gotten it. I had the mirena IUD for 7 years. I hope I can get through this.

  2. Now I’m scared. I’ve had a Mirena inserted every 5 years for the past 20 years. I’ve been considering having it removed since I’ve been moving more into a natural lifestyle. Now reading all of your testimonials about The Crash, I’m terrified of feeling the effects. I don’t want to feel all of those. I don’t want to feel suicidal. Do I wait until it’s due to come out and just not get a new one? Do I ‘schedule’ a time to have it removed when I don’t have things planned that I need to be functional for? Help!

  3. I had mirena for 2.5 years and finally had enough of the side effects and enough of the new issues every month and also enough of my gynecologist telling me it “couldn’t possibly be the IUD”. I had it removed a week ago and replaced with the Paragard copper IUD.
    My side effects began a month after insertion: horrible stabbing cramps that went down my legs. Then, awful cystic acne that products and trips to the dermatologist wouldn’t touch. I developed rosacea, blepharitis, sleep apnea, and became allergic to every allergen they tested. I will be on immunotherapy shots for the next five years. My preexisting anxiety skyrocketed, and I began dealing with terrible depression and intrusive thoughts. I dealt with horrendous acid reflux and constant nausea and heartburn, but somehow managed to gain over 20 pounds and am miserable bloated. Sleep became nonexistent and I have restless legs 24/7 that no cream, magnesium or tablet will help.
    I had difficulty enjoying myself in bed even though my sex drive was still there- no lubrication and my lady parts felt either too sensitive or absolutely numb. I now have chronic migraines, dizzy spells and brain fog. And to top off everything, have started growing cysts in strange places.
    I have had my thyroid checked, confirmed that I am not in menopause (I’m in my 40s), as well as visited a neurologist, ENT, therapist, nutritionist, etc etc.
    Every single specialist confirmed that Mirena was likely causing my issues. Gynecologist still gave me a hard time about wanting it removed. Luckily, she retired and her replacement is wonderful. She was not shocked by my side effects, admitted that hormonal IUDs can cause issues (mainly low natural progesterone levels), and was happy to remove it and let me try the copper IUD. I know it may make my periods worse; I know it may make my cramps more painful. And I’m okay with that, if my other problems get better.
    Wow, that got longer than I intended..
    Since removal, I’ve been a bit emotional and had some cramping here and there. The worst thing so far is the headaches and fatigue. My skin, anxiety, insomnia and allergy issues are already improving. Hoping that I keep getting better each day! Good luck to all of us!

  4. I have never used hormonal birth control. I have been natural since the age of 13. I was pressured to get the IUD by my doctor. I was told nothing but good things, so I did it. I regret it! I had the IUD put in May 2018 and removed Nov. 2020. When the mirena was inserted within a month anxiety and intrusive thoughts started. They dissipated as time went on, as my body got use to the mirena. It took about 4 months for my body to be somewhat normal, the anxiety and intrustive thoughts never went away; they peaked right before my period and ended right after. I learned to live with it. I also noticed I gained weight and felt, for lack of a better word, uninterested, meh. Not, like I hated the world and didn’t want to be a part of it, rather, I felt like an angsty teen, “whatever…losers…I really don’t care.” kind of thing, lol. I had the mirena removed because I was experiencing a period that would start then stop, which never happened to me. My doctor said it was probably because my body used up the IUD quicker than most women. She asked if I wanted a new one, I said, “nah.” The next bit of fun was the crash. I was hit hard with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, worse than when I had the damn thing put in. So bad I had my mom sleep over because it was “I need my mommy type of fear.”

    It has now been four months, my periods are almost back to normal. I still have moments of anxiety and intrusive thoughts, but nowhere near as bad as those first few weeks. I don’t need my mom to come over. I can calm myself down, quickly.


    Water 120 oz a day
    Working-out (running) 4-5 X a day
    B6 (helps body synthesize it’s own progesterone)
    Women’s Multi Vitamin
    Beet juice, apple, and kale (clean out the liver, Apple for taste, kale (mood enhancer, just all around damn good for you)
    CBD gummy

    After removal I noticed that I could bend over easily without pain, I lost weight easily, and my angsty teen mood went away. I felt free. It’s hard to describe. I felt like I was being held back, a horse with a bit in its’ mouth. I am more motivated to workout and eat right. I had no idea the kind of curse I was under with the mirena IUD in. I implore you, dear reader, to not wait to get the damn thing removed. If you are feeling like this don’t hesitate GET IT OUT ASAP. It’ll be a bit of a battle for the first 1-4 weeks but it gets easier and easier. I truly believe it will take my body a full 6months to a year to fully regain it’s stride. I am ready though. We get through 100% of our worst days. If you’re reading this with a heavy heart and nowhere to turn, just know, we have been there and probably are still going through the highs and lows. Don’t get discouraged give your body grace. You’re a fucking queen. Adjust that crown and lets get shit done!

    • Thank you so much for this comment, I’ve only had mirena for less than a year and it’s been awful. Random cramps, low interest in anything I do, insane mood changes, the whole deal. So glad I started reading up on this to find that I’m not the only one. I hate this thing and can’t wait to get it out!

    • Like everyone else, I am very glad I found this thread. I am on my 3rd Mirenna and convinced I am experiencing the “Mirenna Crash” while still I’m place. I had my first IUD put in after the birth of my daughter in 2006. I had that one for a couple years. My ex-husband and I were going to start trying for another baby. I hadn’t noticed anything bad about my IUD at that point and I loved the convince and the fact that I no longer had a period. When the doctor when to remove it. He told me he was surprised I wasn’t pregnant already as it has started to fall out of place. He told me have of the IUD was already out of my cervix. After about 6 months or so after my ex husband and I separated I had a new IUD put in. With this one is when (I now realize) my issues started they were ever so slight …hair loss, increased PMS and excessive nervous sweating for years I chalked the hair loss and PMS up to just something that happens to your body after having a baby and stress. I thought I was dealing with over active sweating (hyperhidrosis). I had that IUD in for about 7 years. I have now had my 3rd IUD in place for about 4 years and in the last 6 months to a year the sweating has intisified and been coupled with feeling of anxiety. I didn’t think of it as anxiety at first because I was simply dealing with normal day to day stresses nothing crazy that should be causing anxiety. To me it seemed as though my body was struggling to regulate temperature. I have high blood pressure also so I thought maybe that had something to do with it. Its not my blood pressure, that has been under control for quite some time and the systems persisted and have continued to worsen. Now most every day I feel like I am walking around in a fog, I can’t focus, not sleeping and/or waking up with night sweats. All day long I feel shakey inside and constantly sweating. I’m like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any second. The smallest things will send me over the edge leaving my daughter and boyfriend looking at me like I have lost my mind. And because of all this I just no longer have a disre to be around people. I get so easily agitated that I just don’t feel like unleashing on people, so I stay away. I fear this is leading to depression as I am feeling very lonely not know what’s going on or how to handle it. So fed up with it all I went to my doctor last week she order a a bunch of blood work. I was finally able to find enough energy to go out and get it done today. My doctor seemed to think it may be a thyroid issue or true anxiety. When I mentioned mentioned a possible hormone imbalance she basically dismissed it. But after reading alot of ya’ll stories here I am convinced my IUD and hormones are to blame here. I am going to speak with my doctor when the blood test comes back and regardless of what she says this thing is coming out. I can’t deal with this much longer. I feel like I am losing my mind and so uncomfortable in my own skin all the time. So THANK YOU to all of you for posting. I now think I know what is going on and can maybe, finally get some relief once I get this out and get past the “crash”

      • I can confirm you are not crazy. I experienced the same thing as you, and it all started when I got the iud I 2015 with night sweats and feeling miserable. Last summer it escalated with terrible anxiety, nausea, insomnia, depression and a feeling of being sick.
        There are a support group on fb where you can read other stories and maybe get som tips that can help you out. The group is called women with Mirena iud side effects support group.
        Wish you all the best

      • I am going through the exact same thing! Excessive sweating for 10 years & a lot of other horrible side effects including anxiety & depression. I just got iud out 2 days ago. Are you better? Any long term side effects after having it out?

  5. I had my mirena taken out 1/20/21 and I was fine but after 2 weeks having it removed I’ve been crying excessively for every reason. Feeling down, even thoughts of suicide. I thought I was losing my mind. Until doing research and finding out of the mirena crash, now it makes sense why I’m feeling this way. This was not normal for me. I am a very positive person. I give thanks to the Lord for guiding me thru this depressed time. I wish the doctor would’ve told me I could get these symptoms after removal. Thank you for creating this page to share our stories with others. God Bless! We will get thru this and cant wait to get my first period in 4years.

  6. Hello, I’m from Brazil. Thank you for sharing your situation. I face the same problems as you, migraine, floating head, tachycardia, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, throbbing veins, hooked in the muscles. My symptoms started right after the insertion of the MIRENA IUD, but the gynecologist did not want to remove it, I had to look for another professional who, although she did, did not document the extraction. I used the IUD for 10 months and have been without it for 10 long months trying to get back to normal, but I feel a slight improvement from cycle to cycle and, in some cycles I feel an improvement, in others I feel worse. I did food reeducation by removing inflammatory foods, but I thought about the need to carry out physical exercises daily, despite the frequent malaise. Can anyone here do physical exercise? Is anyone here going to take legal action against Bayer? Add me, please, to help me, I’m desperate: 55 71 988350904

  7. I’m so glad I came across this thread. I had my Mirena in for a little over 15 years. During that time my mental health spiralled, I gained a significant amount of weight, bad skin, thinning hair, the list goes on. I had it out 2 months ago and the crash has hit hard. I had the most horrendous headaches, fatigue, malaise, aches and pains, feeling of congestion in my head, general ‘meh’ feeling, some days I get up and cant wait to go back to bed. I had to have 2 1/2 weeks of work with what the doctor thought was Bronchitis (all bloods tests came back normal) but I truly believe it to be the crash. I have felt well for a week and now it’s started again (so 4 weeks after the initial crash! coincidence?!?). This time I have had period pains (I haven’t had a period yet!), awful night sweats, aching, headache (although not as bed as the first time) but the overwhelming tiredness tops it all. I have the feeling of general unwellness. I even said to my partner this morning that I just can’t seem to get myself feeling well. I am heartened to read that I am not the only one feeling this way. Although It saddens me we have to be going through this. I’m hoping as time goes on the symptoms will dissipate with each passing month. My councillor’s words when I told her I was having it removed (as I had read it causes a negative impact on your mental health) was, “I don’t know why they are still putting that awful thing in womens bodies!”. That just about says it all.

    • I had two mirena IUDs so for a total of a little over 10 years. I finally got mine out about 6 weeks ago. I am so terribly exhausted for not reason, I can barely keep my eyes open! This exhaustion started about a week ago. Is it possible for the crash to not start right away? Hoping this tiredness goes away soon.

  8. Well geez, I want to say I’m glad I googled’ mirena crash’ and found this but now I’m not so sure! ;) I’m getting mine out in a few hours, this is my second. 10 years and 5 months of the Mirena IUD. Thanks for the sheer terror everyone, looking forward to losing my mind and body! I did expect this crash, I’ve been preparing for it, as much as you can anyway, and I can relate to your post – I did the same thing. Younger, wanted easy and didn’t at all think of the future issues related to this thing. I fell for the sales pitch, hook, line and sinker – twice. I really wanted to have my tubes tied but most doctors won’t do that for anyone under 40 which is not right. My body, my choice, eh? Not so much!

    I’m curious what my doctor will say about the Mirena Crash when I ask her later. I’m guessing not much, that office seems to be in line with saying whatever Big Pharma pushes. Anyone remember when bc made headlines due to changes in coverage and a whole lot of young women rushed out to get Mirena IUDs thinking their insurance wouldn’t cover BC anymore? Well done Big Pharma for increasing their sales with fear mongering media. All those young women out there have no idea what they’re in store for. I cringe for them.

  9. I got my Mirena removed about a week ago, and oh my goodness have a felt the side effects. I’ve had it for four years, and it took me up until now to realise the mirena made my normally controllable anxiety much worse. Year two on the Mirena I had to be put on antidepressants. Now that it’s out I’m definitely feeling bad, but it’s a small price to pay to feel happy again. Everything said in this is exactly what I have been feeling and it feels good to know things will get better from here! Very optimistic about the future, thank you for sharing your experience so people know exactly what they might be going through!!

  10. I’ve had the mirena iud for 3 and a half years and my whole experience has pretty much been the same as the mirena crash. After the first year I had a huge bald spot on the top of my head. I’ve gained 40 pounds in 3 years and no matter what I do, I cannot lose weight at all. I have no clue when my period is coming. I’m currently debating on taking a pregnancy test because I haven’t had a period in 2 months and I’ve been super emotional and queasy. My migraines have increased in frequency and severity since I had it put in. My anxiety has actually forced me to step down from a leadership position at my job a couple months ago. Its been so bad that I’ve been advised by administration to get fmla to protect my job! I don’t think I could survive a crash worse than what I’ve been going through lately with my headaches and anxiety! I’ve had bouts of depression as well, with really bad thoughts. My hubby and I have been talking about trying for a baby but I’m so scared of the mirena crash. I have also found out that side effects of mirena (that no one told me!) includes breast tenderness, loss interest in sex, nervousness, and migraine headaches! I already suffer from migraines, why do I want to increase that?! I’ve tried to get it out for the last 2 years but my obgyn office won’t do it and just tell me I’m “still adjusting.” I got it because I kept forgetting my pill and now they won’t let me get back on the pill!

    • Meaghan, I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. I would keep talking to my doctor because something clearly is wrong. Keep talking, have them run tests, whatever it takes. I hope and pray you can get to the bottom of this and start to feel better soon.


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