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Welcome to Adventures of Mel!

My name's Mel. I'm a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, foodie, nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, avid book lover, vintage collector, and all 'round adventure seeker.

I've been married to my husband Dan for going on 20 years now. Dan can DIY anything you (or I) can possibly dream up; his current project involves restoring his '71 Bus.

Family picture
With 3 boys, getting a family photo where everyone is actually looking at the camera and smiling is super tough, but this is one of my favorites from a recent hike together! LOL

We have 3 boys (ages 18, 12, and 3), we homeschool, and we live on a small 1-acre homestead in Northwest Arkansas with our sweet old cat named Harold and a few chickens. We love to spend time together outdoors, whether we're tinkering around in our garden or packing up our camp trailer for another adventure.

I graduated from college with a degree in Religious Education (with a focus on Teaching English as a Second Language). I then went to nursing school a few years later, after which I passed the NCLEX exam to become a licensed practical nurse and worked in a busy cardiology/cardiovascular and thoracic surgery practice.

About Adventures of Mel

In 2008 after having our second child, I decided to start a blog. And to make a long story short, in 2015, I re-branded from MamaBuzz to Adventures of Mel.

It's all about the food…

Having grown up learning how to cook with my mom and both of my grandmothers, I have a love for creating and sharing recipes. My grandmothers had and my mom has had such an impact on my life, and I love to share my favorite family recipes.

I love making special desserts for family and holiday get togethers, so you'll find a lot of baking recipes, including desserts and sweet treats here, including the occasional birthday cake. You can find even more desserts and baking recipes over on my other site, Flour on My Fingers.

Breakfast is super popular with my readers, as well, and a popular reader favorite, both on my site and on YouTube, is this delicious French toast casserole.

Of course, dinner is always on my mind because 3 boys will eat a person out of house and home. So, you'll also find all sorts of dinner ideas, from easy recipes to healthy dinner ideas and delicious comfort foods. And it's no secret that I love my Instant Pot; we're always making something new in the Instant Pot.

I also love to share kitchen tips and tools I find handy in my own kitchen. One of my most popular videos on YouTube is my Beginner's Guide to Stocking a Working Prepper Pantry (<<— written post here, video below).

Speaking of video, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where you can cook with me and go on the occasional outdoor adventure with us.

Be sure to join me on Facebook, as well! Dan and I occasionally host a cooking show there, where it's fun to cook together with you and interact at the same time.

We also love the great outdoors…

family dispersed camping with rooftop tent and ground tent in Ozark National Forest in Arkansas

Do you ever feel that the mountains are calling? Beckoning? We do all.the.time.

I mentioned above that we love spending time outdoors, and I will occasionally share a few of our favorite outdoor adventures, including places we love, camping tips, outdoor gear, and more. We love finding off the beaten path places to explore and have fallen in love with parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and even here at home in Arkansas.

One of the most memorable places we've ever visited is Crystal Mill, where we've taken both the Jeep tour to Crystal and made the drive to Crystal Mill ourselves.

The longest trip we’ve ever taken as a family was our Route 66 adventure! We talk about someday driving it again because man, what an adventure!

Keep up with Adventures of Mel…

When it comes to what you read on this blog, I only share what I truly do like or love, whether it's a recipe, an outdoor adventure, a product or brand that I cook with or enjoy using, etc.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at mel@adventuresofmel.com. I'm always happy to chat with my readers and answer any questions you may have. You can even leave a comment if it's a question about a specific post or recipe.

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