How to Make a Vintage Suitcase into a Keepsake Table – DIY Project

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For the longest time, we've had a vintage suitcase, that belonged to my grandmother, just sitting in our garage. In fact, we had the carry-on case to go with it. I'd been trying to decide what to do with it; I knew I wanted to use it to decorate with, but I just wasn't sure how. Until I decided we needed a table in the corner of our living room, and the suitcase was the perfect solution.

Vintage Suitcase Table DIY Keepsake from MamaBuzz

Thus began our keepsake table, filled with vintage-esque travel stickers from places we've traveled as a family,  and we'll keep adding stickers as we visit more places together.

Suitcase Table DIY Keepsake

Supplies for Vintage Suitcase Table

Vintage suitcase
Custom fit riser board (depends on the shape of your suitcase whether this is needed or not)
4 leg mounts
4 table legs w/ screws already attached (can be found at Home Depot)
Dremel tool with circle cutter
Cordless drill
Spray paint in desired color/s
Vintage travel stickers

Instructions for DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

The first step was to clean up the suitcase just a bit. I ripped out the inside fabric because it had quite a bit of what looked like water damage. Then I gave the inside a quick coat of spray paint. We used a piece of plywood that fit inside our suitcase to place both the riser board and leg mounts on. Place riser board on plywood and attach leg mountsSince our suitcase was a trapezoid shape, and we want to be able to place things on top of the table without them sliding off, this riser board helped to level the suitcase from the inside. Pre-drill through the center hole of each leg mount.

Drill holes for leg mounts

Center the plywood in the bottom of the suitcase with leg mounts and riser board down; and drill through the leg mounts, clear through the bottom of the suitcase. Next take the plywood out, flip the suitcase over, and use the Dremel tool with circle cutter to cut the holes for the table legs.Use Dremel to cut holes for table legsThe holes should be large enough for the table legs to fit snugly through.Hole for suitcase table leg Put the plywood back in with the riser board facing down, and screw the legs in through the holes on the bottom of the suitcase. Then drill a couple of screws through the bottom of the suitcase to hold the suitcase to the plywood.Place screws in bottom of suitcase

Now it's up to you to paint or stain the table legs whatever color you prefer. Attach legs to bottom of suitcaseI went with a bold, antiqued, turquoise shade of blue.Vintage suitcase table

Once the legs are attached, place the table wherever you want, and decorate with vintage travel stickers.Travel stickers on vintage suitcase table

This is a project that really doesn't take very long to make, and it's a keepsake that I hope our boys will treasure for years to come.Carryon suitcase keepsake with travel stickers Every time we look at the table, it's easy to find memories in the form of travel stickers.

Vintage travel stickers on vintage suitcase table

From the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, New York, Route 66, and more…. each sticker holds memories of road trips gone by.DIY Vintage Suitcase Table ProjectI can't help but love it, even though it does kinda look like an AT-AT from Star Wars, per Dan! DIY keepsake vintage suitcase table from MamaBuzz

What is your favorite keepsake, something you treasure and hold dear to your heart?


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