Gay Parita Sinclair Station & Garage {Route 66}

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One of the first places we wanted to stop, on our Route 66 trip, was the Gay Parita Sinclair Station & Garage in Paris Springs, MO. It's just a hop and a skip away, but we'd never heard of it until we'd seen it featured on our local news. So, we were excited to check it out.

Our EZ66 Guide, written by Jerry McClanahan, gave us a brief description, as well as did an old newspaper clipping we found framed at the station.  The first owners of the old station were Gay and Fred Mason, and there was not only a garage here but also guest cabins. Basically, the old station was a 1930's era Route 66 station; this new station, built on the same site, was built by Gary Turner. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet him; being late July weather, so hot and muggy, his daughter said he just needed to be in, out of the heat.  We talked to her for quite awhile; she was such a wealth of information about the Mother Road. We also had a great time pokin' around, exploring the station.

Gary's daughter told us that 90% of people who stop are from other countries. The guest book said it all; we saw so many countries represented, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Spain, Taiwan, and more. They all come to travel the Mother Road. What I wouldn't do to travel it again…. we plan to take shorter trips out on it this summer, exploring even more.

The Sinclair holds so many vintage antiques, from old trucks and cars to signs, old pop machines (that reminded me of the old pop machine my grandpa used to have that always had orange soda in it just for us kids), old gas pumps, and more. It was another step back in time and definitely one worth exploring. Of course, Jaden also wanted to know who was stuck underneath that car…. I tried explaining, but I don't think he quite wrapped his head around it.

Down the road, you also won't want to miss the “Crap Duster” in Carthage, MO. We were told about this special icon while at the Sinclair; the “crap duster” actually turned out to be one of the boys' favorite memories…. probably because of the name (sigh).

If planning a trip down the Mother Road, be sure to stop by the Gay Parita Sinclair Station & Garage. You can also find another really great article, with photos, on Route 66 News. Gay Parita is one of those places you won't want to miss, and it will leave you with some pretty fond memories for sure.

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  1. Hello,
    We had a very fun time, when we visit you in august…
    And spesially thank you to the “old man” for sign our map book, and T Shirt.
    I hope we come back and visit you next year…
    Big Love from Norway, Anne Karin and Fred


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