DIY Advent Calendar #ModPodgeHoliday

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Plaid DisclosureThe last couple years I've wanted to make an Advent calendar for the boys, so when the opportunity presented itself this year, I jumped at the chance. Using Mod Podge and a few other supplies, I got right to work, hoping to create something special.DIY Advent Calendar with Mod Podge {}

Here are the supplies you'll need for this festive project….

25 mini metal buckets
Your choice of scrapbook paper
Craft knife
Mod Podge Sparkle
Mod Podge Spouncer Applicator
Number stickers
Large frame
Paint for frame
Chicken wire
Small clothespins
Hot glue gunAdvent Calendar Craft Tutorial

Instructions for creating the Advent calendar

The first step is to cut your choice of shape for your buckets; I chose a snowman and actually traced around one of my kids' holiday stamps. Cut snowman shapes from paperYou'll need 25 cutouts, one for each bucket. You can use decorative paper of your choice, including either scrapbook paper or gift wrap.

After all your cutouts are ready, it's time to break out the Mod Podge Sparkle and Spouncer Applicator. Add Mod Podge Sparkle to back of each cutout, coating well. Then place cutout on center of each bucket and press firmly. Finally, add a layer of Mod Podge Sparkle to top of each shape, coating well. Use Mod Podge to add snowman to each Advent bucketI wiped excess glue off my bucket too, even though the Mod Podge dries clear on each shape. Mod Podge is actually one of my favorite crafting products to work with, as you know if you saw another recent Mod Podge project. Being the number one all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish, it's not surprising that it's such a well-loved crafting product. It's available in so many different formulas, including the Mod Podge Sparkle, which was the perfect glittery medium for this particular project, as well as other holiday projects and gifts.Sparkle Mod Podge for Advent Calendar If you're not sure how decoupage works, you can actually learn more and get the basics on Plaid's website.

While your Mod Podge is drying, head outside and give your frame a good coat of paint if needed. You can pick up an old frame at a thrift store, antique store, etc. Once the frame is dry, attach chicken wire, using a staple gun, to the back side of your frame; cut off any excess wire.Paint frame and attach chicken wire to back for Advent calendar

Back to the buckets…. add numbers to each bucket, 1-25. Add number to each bucketThe last step involves using a hot glue gun to secure the small clothespins to the top center back of each bucket. Glue clothespin to each bucketThe clothespin will allow you to secure each bucket on the chicken wire. Once every bucket has a clothespin, secure each bucket to the frame/chicken wire, however you want your Advent calendar to look.DIY Advent Calendar Craft

Advent calendars are so much fun for kids at Christmas time, and each day through December brings a special little surprise. It's like Christmas every day.Advent Calendar for the Kids I plan to fill our buckets with small treats, toys, or small cards written up with activities the kids and I can do together like reading Christmas stories, watching a holiday movie, making Christmas cookies, and more.DIY Advent Calendar

You can find Mod Podge at retailers nationwide and also on Plaid's website. For more holiday crafting inspiration, be sure to Like Plaid Crafts on Facebook, follow the Paint Me Plaid blog, and sign up for the Plaid Craft Newsletter. Christmas Advent Calendar Craft

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!