Camping Gear Gift Guide for the Outdoor Family

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Camping Gear Gift Guide, with awesome gift ideas for the outdoor family, including campsite essentials, tools, sleeping bags, and cooking gear!

Camping Gear Gift Guide, with awesome gift ideas for the outdoor family, including campsite essentials, tools, sleeping bags, and cooking gear!

Camping Gear Gift Guide gets me all excited about all the adventures to come. It's no secret my family loves spending time together in the great outdoors, and we especially love dispersed camping. But let's face it, it can take a lot of planning and saving to get the right gear for all the adventures we take together.

Over time, we've gathered camping gear and supplies we need. And we've tried to think sustainably by buying used when possible and even by building our own setups for certain activities… Take our camp trailer, for instance.

There are so many gifts and gadgets, cooking gear, and loads of adventure gear, I could recommend. It's hard to narrow them down to just a few. But I'm adding things into this gift guide that either we've used ourselves OR that we want to use ourselves, things that are on our bucket list.

Are you ready to dream, window browse, and shop all things camping? Let's go!

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Camping Gear Gift Guide – Campsite Essentials

  • Hydro Flask – Hands down the best water bottle we've ever had. It really does keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. It's made of stainless steel and NEVER sweats. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, a must with boys. Jaden's Hydro Flask has been dropped down a waterfall, off the side of a cliff, you get the picture; and it's “lived” to tell the tale. I love mine so much, I use it all the time, even when we're not camping.
  • LED Headlamp – Hands free is the way to be, especially when you're stumbling around in the dark trying to go to the bathroom or change a diaper or dig something out of the back of your vehicle. FYI, this would make a most excellent stocking stuffer.
  • TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag – Rated for 0°F, this sleeping bag is amazing. We nearly froze to death the first few times we went camping in the mountains. We finally wised up and made an investment in these sleeping bags. Now we stay cozy warm, even when it's snowing outside. They're also wider and longer than most sleeping bags, perfect for this tall mama.
  • Campsuds – Oh yes, these are essential, and I recommend them to everyone. Bio-degradable, environmentally friendly Campsuds work for dishes, body, hair, and clothing; and you only need a few drops to get the job done. Perfect as a stocking stuffer.

  • Hatchet – We use ours on every single trip. It's a must for camping.
  • Lantern – There have been so many times we've pulled into our campsite just when it's getting dark or really late at night. We couldn't do what we need to do without a lantern to light our way. Plus, it comes with its own case, meaning it has built-in storage.
  • Camping Hammock – Give the gift of relaxation in the form of a hammock they can string up between two trees, relax in, and listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Camping Chairs – These make a great gift because they can be used for camping, but they can also be used at the drive in, at family get togethers, sporting events, and so much more.

  • Tent – While we have a rooftop tent, we started out with an on-the-ground tent that gave us so many amazing adventures.
  • Flashlight – We take ours on every trip. Headlamps are great, but sometimes you need even more, like when you're stuck on the side of a mountain trying to change a blown tire.
  • Night Sky – A Field Guide to the Constellations – Because you never know when you'll have an amazing view of the stars. Some of my greatest memories are of staring up at the night sky, underneath the Milky Way, with my kids.
  • 5 Gallon Solar Shower for Camping – After being out in the boondocks for more than a few days, even a shower feels like a gift.

Camping Gear Gift Guide – Cooking Essentials

  • Camp Stove – Even when you can't have a campfire, you can still cook dinner.
  • Camping Tableware – This is a great set of enamel tableware, helping you camp more sustainably with less trash.
  • Pots and Pans – We have a set similar to this, and they've come in handy every single time we camp.
  • Camp Kitchen Cook Table – We've talked about getting a different table, but man, our cook table is a must, especially when we're parking in the middle of nowhere for a few days and will be making several meals.

  • Portable Grill – When you're camping and not able to have a campfire, a portable grill comes in mighty handy.
  • Camp Stove Toaster – Just because you're camping doesn't mean you can't still have your toast for breakfast.
  • Roasting Sticks – I think sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallow and hot dogs is probably the one thing our boys look forward to the most. This set would make an awesome gift for outdoor kids who love to camp. I love that they extend.
  • Cooler – While we've talked about getting an electric cooler (and dreamed of solar panels)… For now, we are sticking with a regular ice-filled cooler. It's a must have when you're disappearing into the wilderness for days at a time.

  • Quick Dry Camping Towel – While this is super handy for dishes, you can also use it after a quick wash up or shower.
  • Swiss Army Knife – This will equip your camper with not only a knife but a can opener, bottle opener, and screwdriver.
  • Camp Kitchen Utensil Set – This organizes your main kitchen utensils, including a cutting board, in one handy case.
  • First Aid Kit – We carry our first aid kit with us on every trip. Cuts, burns, scratches, bites… It's a must.

I'm sure all my fellow camping enthusiasts could definitely add more to this camping gear gift guide. I know I could keep going and going. Things like water filtration tablets, a compass, handsfree Cobra Walkie Talkies, and a camp shovel make great stocking stuffers or gift basket components.

Whichever gift/s you choose, you're sure to put a smile on your camper's face with these awesome camping adventure gift ideas.

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