Burlap and Pumpkin DIY Natural Fall Wreath

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Fall brings with it this desire in me to reorganize and decorate all the things. I don't know what it is; you'd think I'd be like this in the New Year or even in the spring. But it's almost like I find myself “nesting” in the fall. Maybe it's the desire to have my house in order before winter comes, or maybe it's a desire to make everything cozy. Either way, this wreath is a result of my decorating, nesting tendencies this time of year, along with a little inspiration from a ton of fall crafts on Pinterest right now. Using burlap, real pumpkins, real tree branches, and a few other supplies, this wreath is simple and will beautify any door it has the good fortune to grace with its presence.Fall Wreath Craft Tutorial {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

Want to know how to make it? Keep reading!

Supplies for a Natural Fall Wreath

– 1 grapevine wreath
– 4-5 natural fir tree branches
– 3 mini pumpkins
– Strong wire to pierce pumpkins through
– Florist or jewelry wire (I used jewelry because it's what I had on hand)
– Small roll of burlap
– Scissors
– Small bit of muslin fabric
– Spray glue
– Small letter stencils
– Paint & paint brush
– Twine
– Mini clothespins

How to Make a Natural Fall Wreath

1. Gather all of your supplies, including real tree branches and mini pumpkins. I pruned a few branches off a tree in our yard, the perks of living in an area surrounded by trees. I also picked up a few mini pumpkins on a grocery run; they're available everywhere right now.

2. Carefully place branches on wreath, securing by looping branches in and out of wreath; there's really no need to use wire, as the branches will snugly fit into the wreath with just a little wrangling.Add branches to wreath {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

3. At first, I wasn't sure how to attach the pumpkins, but I found this how-to from Southern Living; it worked like a charm. Pierce pumpkins through with a strong wire.Pierce pumpkin all the way through {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com} Then thread florist or jewelry wire through the hole in each pumpkin, and attach pumpkins to wreath, securing wire around the wreath.Use wire to fasten pumpkins to wreath {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

Pumpkin placement on wreath {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

4. Cut 4 smaller triangles from both burlap and muslin fabric, making muslin triangles just a bit smaller than the burlap. Cut small triangles from burlap {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}Spray glue muslin triangles to burlap; let dry for about an hour.

5. Stencil paint “FALL” letters on each muslin triangle.Stencil letters to muslin fabric {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

Fall Banner for wreath {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}6. Cut about 1-2 feet of twine, and attach burlap/muslin banner to twine with mini clothespins. Wrap twine through wreath and secure in back by tying into a knot and clipping.Placement of fall banner on wreath {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

7. Cut a longer piece of burlap, depending on how you want your wreath to hang, and wrap around top of wreath to use as hanger. We used a wire to secure the burlap ties and then wired the burlap to a metal clasp on the inside of our front door.Fall Wreath made with Natural Supplies {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}

And that's it! You now have a beautiful fall wreath to welcome guests this lovely time of the year. Fall Wreath Craft {MamaBuzz - mamabzz.com}If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment. I love helping my readers out!

Have you been crafting anything special this fall? What have you been making?

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