Beach Day Bliss on Captiva Island

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Right now, in the middle of flu season and long, cold nights, I'm imagining myself back on the beach at Captiva Island, listening to the waves as they make their way onshore.

Whatever island I'm on, whether Sanibel Island or San Jose Island, the beach would be wonderful.

Captiva Island Beach in Florida

To be here, watching my babes play in the sun, splashing and laughing….

Captiva Island…. oh what a blissful place, along with Sanibel Island, of course (which you'll see more about in the near future).

Just west of Fort Myers, Florida, Captiva and Sanibel are definitely on our radar fora spring break family vacation.

When we traveled to Florida this past November, we spent an entire day on the islands. By the time we had to leave, we were wishing we'd spent more than just a day.

Playing on the beach on Captiva Island

Driving along the shoreline with the windows down, the warm Florida breeze blowing through the car, the ocean sparkled in the sun.

Driving along the seashore on Captiva Island

The beach on Captiva wasn't very crowded; there were a few beachgoers, but it was pretty peaceful. The water was such a beautiful blue-green hue.

The birds walked to and fro. Even a pelican swam, hunting for his dinner, not too far off the beach.

Birds on Captiva Island Beach

The shells were unbelievable; piles of shells all along the beach.

Seashells on Captiva Island

It was a shell seeker's paradise.

Jacob searching for seashells on Captiva Island

Jacob and Jaden enjoyed digging in the sand, whether they were looking for shells or just playing in the sand.

Digging for seashells on Captiva Island

Jacob would dig a little; then Jaden would steal the shovel and go dig some more.

Digging in the sand on Captiva Island

There were so many photo opps, especially with the boys splashing and playing in the water.

Jaden playing on Captiva Island Beach

It was a truly blissful day. I can't wait to go back…. soon…. but this time, we'll stay a little longer.

Captiva Island Beach Bird

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! I had a friend who moved there once, and I am sorry I never got the chance to visit her while she lived there. She made it sound like paradise and your pictures prove it!


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