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  • My old school ways include a paper planner. I recently invested in a #HappyPlanner and it really is just that... Happy! Once a week, usually Sunday nights, I sit down and take a look at the week ahead, make a list (not shown) of what needs to be accomplished and write in appointments/outside activities/to do's for the week. My planner saves my butt in more ways than one; I use it for life, family, and work. And while stickers and decorations may seem trivial, I'm noticing a change in my thought process. Confession: I'm not normally a very glass half full person... But I'm working on it. And this is part of the process for me when I can see it every single day... I mean, my planner practically reeks of positivity. ❤️
  • Do you celebrate Advent? Create new traditions with a DIY activity focused Advent calendar this Christmas season. Instead of gifts, add little cards or tags to each bucket/envelope/etc. with ideas for holiday family activities. It makes a beautiful decoration, as well as an avenue to wonderful family memories. Last year we started this tradition, and the boys loved it. Details are under "Holidays" over on #AdventuresofMel, and you can grab a festive free printable with 50 ideas for Advent activities. 🎄
  • This li'l guy turned 6 months old on Friday. He's sprouted 2 teeth and said his first word clear as day yesterday... Mama. He just loves a warm pair of jammies after his bath. @Carters is one of our favorite brands for kids' clothes, especially warm, snuggly pajamas! Have you heard about #givingtuesday? It's a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community tomorrow. #ad When you buy one pair of pjs at any Carter's retail store or online at, Carter’s donates a pair to the Pajama Program, up to 100,000 pairs! You can give more sweet dreams to children in need and more jammies for every little one! #carterssweetdreams
  • Our tree is always filled to the gills with ornaments. Some from childhood, a few from family and friends, some inherited, and many handmade. I told my boys as we were decorating it last weekend, it's probably crazy but I don't wanna leave any ornaments unhung... I know they're just things, but they're like family, and the memories behind each one are priceless. Those stories and memories are with us every Christmas. Thankfully, my boys feel the same way. #theygetit #OChristmasTree ❤️🎄
  • For the longest time, I had this vintage set of recipes in my kitchen. Looking back I wish now I'd kept them when we did a big purge awhile back. But I managed to keep a couple favorite recipe cards, including a pumpkin roll recipe. I adapted the recipe and switched it up quite a bit to make a fluffier, even more scrumptious pumpkin roll. It's been a staple Thanksgiving dessert in our house for some time now. Make one for your family's Thanksgiving dinner! You can find the oh so scrumptious recipe over on #AdventuresofMel under "Food" or "Holidays" (link in profile). You will LOVE it!
  • "This tree is a symbol of the spirit of the Lockcuff family Christmas." (sigh) I'm already looking forward to our yearly movie tradition. I love, love, love the Christmas season! Passing that love on to our boys. #HappyChristmas